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Maryann Patalano
Licensed RScP


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Lama Surya Das Visits Raleigh!




Lama Surya Das Visits Raleigh!

By Maryann Patalano, Licensed RScP & New Thought Ambassador

 Recently I had the unique experience of spending the weekend in the presence of Lama Surya Das. His visit was hosted by Unity of the Triangle in Raleigh. It was quite an enlightening and memorable event.

Lama Surya Das is one of the most highly trained and renowned American-born Buddhists in the world. He is the author of several best-selling books and is a frequent guest on many national television shows. The themes of the weekend included a lecture entitled “Befriending Yourself, Befriending the World: Loving Yourself, Loving the World” and a workshop entitled “Make Me One With Everything: Seeing Through the Illusion of Separation.”

I was delighted to discover that Lama Surya Das’ personality and presentation is highly reflective of his New York childhood. He shared many enchanting personal stories. He exemplifies how to live in a way that integrates the Buddhists teachings with our modern world.  His down-to-earth, realistic approach in explaining spiritual principles was heartwarming and certainly welcome.  He stressed the idea of re-conditioning and de-conditioning our minds to become aware of a higher power (something beyond the self) and the “nowness” of the present moment. He said, “The path to enlightenment is about awareness!”

Lama Surya Das offered a tremendous amount of wisdom and I took copious notes. In the weeks ahead I look forward to reviewing and contemplating the ideas he presented addressing the cultivation of divine love, widening our circles of compassion, and being mindful, among many other concepts.

 Many thanks to Unity of the Triangle for bringing Lama Surya Das to Raleigh!



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