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The Importance of Spiritual Hygiene





The Importance of Spiritual Hygiene -

Spiritual Reflections on Recent Political Events

By Maryann Patalano


“For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of has come upon me.”  Job 3:25


“Whatever you fight, you strengthen, and what you resist, persists.”– Eckhart Tolle


“Resist not evil.” - Bible


Spiritual Law: What you focus on increases.


Each of the quotes listed above help illustrate the spiritual laws which are responsible for the recent situation wherein a candidate who receives more votes could end up losing an election. What we learn is that it is impossible to fool the Universe.

 Any way you look at it, the entire election fiasco was Spiritual Law in action. It is now painfully clear to me that, perhaps those who were “for” Clinton did not protect their consciousness from the flurry of outside influences, allowing their minds to be strongly and emphatically “against” Trump. Herein lies the catastrophic mistake.  Whether you loved him or hated him, Donald Trump was likely on your mind MOST of the time. Let me explain.

Do you recall how much media attention was devoted to Trump in the months, weeks, days and hours before the Election? It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that he was the focus of 90% of TV, Facebook and Twitter discussions. Can you recall the strength of your feelings about Trump - either powerfully for or against him?  Consider how often you thought about Trump. How often something he said or did entered your consciousness and caused a strong reaction. It appeared to me that most discussions regarding the candidates were backed by extremely strong emotions and feelings regarding this individual. Clearly, the majority of the population (perhaps even the world) was FOCUSED on Trump. Even if you were “against” him, if your consciousness was not clean (of fear, negativity), then you were likely still focused on him during waking hours. Perhaps, you were focused on stopping him, bashing him, or discussing how horrible and egregious his statements were. Trump, Trump, Trump! Guess what the only possible outcome of this relentless focus of your conscious thoughts and feelings would be? Yep, you got it. President-Elect Trump.

I imagine that Trump supporters experienced strong feelings of joy, expectancy and power as they affirmatively filled out their ballots.  Spiritually speaking, taking any action with those feelings in consciousness will be creative. Regardless if they had hate in their hearts for others or for the government, they had a complete and total belief in Trump. They, for certain, held a clear, unobstructed picture in their minds of Trump as President. No scandal, individual or persuasive argument was going to sway his supporters. Their attention was on Trump. His voters did not fear him, they welcomed him. It was simple, they were unequivocally for Trump. Single-minded, joyful support of their candidate proved to be a successful, creative force in the Universe; while arguably misguided.

By contrast, can you recall how much media attention was given to Hillary Clinton? Of course, some – we all remember that last minute FBI skewer – but she certainly did not receive as much attention as Trump, by a landslide. Experts who keep track of such things are telling us it was fractional when compared to what Trump received.

Now, let’s consider the voters who supported Secretary Clinton. What was the state of their consciousness? Were they feeling the same joy, expectancy or power in the consciousness of their vote as Trump supporters? We cannot say for sure, but judging from the result, I would say they allowed their consciousness to become polluted with overwhelmingly strong feelings of desperation, fear, uncertainty and a “fight” mentality regarding Trump. Did they keep their minds free of negativity, allowing themselves to singularly focus on spiritual Truths such as peace, certainty and love? Perhaps their attitude was that to vote for Clinton was to vote against Trump. If they were motivated by their unequivocal fear and feelings against Trump, then they were holding him in place, as he was at the forefront of their consciousness.

To fear something or someone is to energize their reality in your experience.  In addition, if their attitude was to “pick the best of the worst offered” then it was not a full-on, pro Clinton vote; in fact, this indicates that they were thinking about Trump even as they placed their vote!


“It would be wonderful indeed if a group of persons should arrive on earth who were for something and against nothing.” – Ernest Holmes


If the outcome of the election does not provide absolute proof to you that “whatever you focus on increases,” then nothing will. If you allow yourself to continue thinking and acting with a fear-based mentality, then you will receive more of the same.  Right now, spiritually speaking, I recognize that I must immediately:

-Drop my “against” attitudes.

-Stop polluting (and horrifying) myself by consuming the negative energy of social media and other press outlets.

-Stop holding in consciousness thoughts such as, “If someone else was in office, then things would be better.” Or “Peace cannot exist until he leaves office.” Or “I am going to fight against him (or those who support him.)

-Stop “crystal-balling” the worst-case scenarios.


No. It must stop. Continuing such actions will only serve to hold whatever I am against in place.  

Metaphorically speaking, it took getting hit with crowbar to the head to get me back on track spiritually. These last few weeks have served as profound spiritual lessons to me. As a spiritual leader, I already knew these Truths, but they were delivered to me in an undeniably unique way. (Thank you Spirit!) I am reminded, albeit painfully, of the spiritual truths and/or behaviors that I must adopt now to get out of this mess. If, like me, you are unhappy or disturbed with the outcome of the Presidential election, perhaps you should also consider adopting similar practices.

-Keep my consciousness CLEAN - Nothing is more important than maintaining my spiritual hygiene.



-Recognize that no one can harm or threaten my divine nature.

-I must abandon the “if, then,” and “fight for right,” or any other negative attitudes and beliefs. 

-I must resist the temptation to be victimized by social manipulation.

-I must avoid situations, media, etc., that can pull my attention away from the Truth.

-Turn singularly to SPIRITUAL TRUTH

-Hold EVERYONE up in the light of Spirit in my mind’s eye.

-Only “crystal-ball” the best-case scenarios


I have begun advising clients to avoid becoming news junkies if the news is not serving their better good. Perhaps eliminating or reducing time spent reading or watching “news” is warranted. I suggest getting a “news buddy” - someone who can notify you if something pertinent to your personal safety or immediate circumstances comes up. If that is not an option, then tone it down to almost nothing - perhaps a quick glance every morning or evening if you want to be informed.

The point is, if the news reports distress or unbalance your consciousness, you must find a way to deal with it until your consciousness is raised sufficiently to be “unbotherable” by outside circumstances. I am not suggesting you become ignorant, or bury your head in the sand. However, spiritually speaking it is wise to keep in mind that the “outside” contains already formed effects (or thoughts). The only measurable or lasting change can occur inside an individual’s consciousness – that is the first step in finding your way out of the mess.

In closing, whether you agree or disagree with my interpretation of recent events, I do know that it all happened in divine right order. I know that some good will come of it because I have faith in the Spiritual Law that states, “Everything is always happening for our good.”

And so it is! 

Copyright 2016 © Maryann Patalano 

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#1 Jarrett C 2016-11-30 23:59
:D This has got the be one of the most articulate and accurate retrospective evaluation regarding this past election cycle from a metaphysical perspective.

From an anecdotal and not an actual statistical count, I would honestly have to say that within my own personal social circle, (work, church, social media) very few people if at all voted "FOR" Hillary as 4/5 had voted "AGAINST" Trump. Even on Election Day I've lost count of how many commented that they were going to "stop the monster." You'd think the lesson was learned back in 2004 when the election was between "Bush" vs "Anyone BUT Bush."